Something we hear a lot is “ah I would shop that way but it’s so expensive!” and its a hard topic to tackle. The thing is, for the most part, it’s actually cheaper! Hoorah!

Social media has a lot answer for. Endless feeds of matching jars, flat lays of epic granola bowls covered in plastic free purchased figs and guava…. this can often leave your average human feeling just a smudge inferior. Not to mention SKINT!

Our kitchen at home is a glorious mess of reused jars in all shapes and sizes, mismatched lids, tupperwares with fabric covers as the lids got eaten by the tupperware goblin… this keeps the costs down so much! We did invest in a lot of fabric produce bags at the beginning of our journey years ago, and we still have them all and use them every day. These make it so much easier to transport stuff to and from the shops and can easily be emptied into your containers at home, whatever you are using.

The reason, or one of the reasons it’s usually cheaper is you’re saving the 16% charged for packaging! No matter what product you buy from a supermarket or even the health food shop, at least 16% of what you pay is for the packaging, which is predominantly single use. Nuts huh?!

Another saving is we buy in bulk, as in 25KG at a time, which brings the cost down a fair bit too and we pass those saving on to you. Yes as a business we need to make money in order to be here and serve you lovely green people but we don’t need to over charge you. Put those things together and even when things are organic, which they mainly are in our store, you’re going to be making some nice savings for your wallet as well as the planet.

Cue warm fuzzy feelings.

Yes. There are always going to be areas to invest, which costs money. But the key word there in ‘Invest’

Things like cloth produce bags, shopping baskets, matching jars are all things you can invest in over time, if thats the aesthetic you want! And investing in good quality, well and fairly made products means that with a little love, they will last a long time and therefore save energy in not having to be remade many times! And don’t get us started on reusing and repurposing things…. pillowcases as produce bags!? We kid you not.