Is it too early for the C word?

Christmas. There. it’s been said, now lets talk about it shall we?

As a recent article online stated with research from Englands refuse collection agencies, we Brits create a staggering amount of waste on top of the usual around the festive period.

Aside from the usual hideous pair of socks we toss out anything from 6 million Christmas Trees to 227,000 miles of wrapping paper. What!?

Thats not to mention the our crimes against festive food. We bin approximately 2 million Turkeys, 74 million Mince Pies and 17.2 million Brussel Sprouts. Something has GOT to change.


Here is a list of 5 things we can all do to make a difference this year

1: Ditch the Cards.

Do you still send cards? Do people still send you cards? You could make this the last year that happens. If you feel the need to, explain to people why but it can be as simple as a note in this years card to say that this is the last year you’ll be sending a card (insert your reason here if you want) and request that they don’t send you one. Most people will be glad you saved them the panic of sorting cards out!

2: Furishiko Wrapping.

The beautiful Japanese art of Furishiko is wrapping gifts, precious keepsakes and even food in fabric, normally cotton, to give to others and store items safely. This is magical as the wrapping can be part of the gift, a stunning piece of fabric to keep and even reuse as desired for years to come. Head to Youtube for simple easy tutorials on Furishiko wrapping and knotting.

3: Eco-friendly stocking fillers.

Your local friendly Zero Waste shop could play a key role here! From things like Vegan lips balms to Bamboo Toothbrushes, Plastic Free sweets to Steel Straws. This is an area that is easy to really take good care in avoiding plastics and waste all the while gifting items that can be used for many years!

4: Sustainable Christmas Trees.

There are loads of companies popping up this year who grow and sell trees in a sustainable way, looking at the local area and not only growing the correct amount of trees for years to serve the area as well as some native species of trees! Head to Ecosia to find your nearest Sustainable grower.

5: Make a Living Wreath

We all know (or have) this tired, scraggy looking after a few years plastic based wreathes that really have seen better days. If yours is still in usable condition you could donate it to a charity shop for someone else to enjoy and make your own LIVING wreathe! This is where your local florists can help, if not, head to to Youtube where there are hundreds of tutorials on making a living wreathe. The beauty of these is you can dismantle it after the event, compost the materials and reuse any frame for next year and many years to come!


Now this is obviously just a small list of things to be done but there are soooo many more, leave a comment below with some of your Zero Waste Christmas favourites!