Zero Waste Cleaning…. it really isn’t as scary as it sounds, trust us!

I know it might seem daunting but really once you break it down into simple tasks and look at what you use for those tasks, it suddenly seems much more simple 🙂

Take washing up for example, there are so many ways to do the dishes without plastic or waste. In store we sell washing up liquid which you can buy on tap to refill whatever container you like! I regularly use the phrase “If you can seal it, you can fill it!”

If you don’t like washing up liquid then there are also Dish Washing Blocks, these babies last for ages and really cut out any plastics at all! They foam, they don’t leave a film on your dishes at all and smell so fresh and clean, absolute winner in our book.

You could also make dish soap from spent soap nuts, we will share a recipe for this a bit further down so keep reading!

Obviously washing up isn’t all you do at home, so lets have a look at the rest shall we?

Bathroom cleaning, it really can be as simple as warm water, vinegar and Bicarb! “but my whole house will smell like vinegar” I hear you say… Honestly, only your bathroom will and it will only last for about 5 minutes, the scent dissipates really quickly and vinegar cuts through any soap scum, water residue etc to leave you with a seriously shiny and germ free space. The combination of vinegar, warm water and an essential oil if you fancy another smell in there makes for an anti fungal, disinfectant, non toxic cleaner that costs pennies to make and will save you a fortune in the long run, not to mention protecting mother earth from any more plastics she cannot handle.

Now hear me when I say you really can use vinegar cleaner for your whole house. It’s not the kindest on unprotected wood so perhaps leave it of the piano or real wood floors but there are so many other household cleaning recipes you can make which are wood friendly.

Cloths, towels, wet and dry, we use repurposed towels and knackered t-shirts cut down to about 10″ squares rather than buying new cloths, they’re absorbent for mopping up, they wash really well and keep new microfibres out of our waterways so its a no fail really. If you’re not a sewing person go for the tired out t-shirts as they won’t fray at the edges like a towel can if left un-hemmed.

Make sure you check back here regularly for various recipes to make non toxic, plastic free cleaners with, but for now, here is a fab Soap nut dish soap recipe from the Not Just Green Fingers blog. Let us know how you get on!